Monday , 2 August 2021

eResearch: These Sectors Are “in season’ this September

…Utilizing the market’s historical seasonality trends can provide a useful framework for assessing and then altering the mix of one’s stock portfolio…[and the following two market sectors are “in season’ this September].


Seasonality refers to particular time-frames when stocks/sectors/indexes are subjected to, and influenced by, recurring tendencies that produce patterns that are apparent in the investment valuation process.

Seasonality Trends Chart

The seasonality trends chart is an ever-changing 14-year average of the indexes and sub-indexes that we track…[and the] chart below has been updated as of May 2020. It shows the periods of seasonal strength for 28 market segments. Each bar indicates a buy and a sell date based upon the optimal holding period for each market sector/index.

TABLE 1: Seasonality Trends Chart

Seasonality Trends ChartSource: Compiled by eResearch, May 2020

Seasonal Trends for the Market Segments in September

The following table shows which indexes and sectors are “in season” during the month of September:

  • the two dates in green under FROM are this month’s additions (Consumer Staples and Natural Gas sectors), and
  • the eight in red under UNTIL are this month’s expiries (the Russell 2000, the U.S. Dollar Index, Energy, Real Estate, Bio-techs, Gas Utilities, Retail, and Gold)…

TABLE 1: Current Seasonal Positive Strengths for the Market Segments

Seasonlity Table
Source: Equity Clock and eResearch


[Given the above, it warrants a close look at stocks in the Consumer Staples and Natural Gas sectors this September to take advantage of such historic seasonality trends.]
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