Thursday , 25 July 2024

Debt Default Only Way Out For U.S.

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…Global debt is at levels that it should never have reached in a million years, but it’s there, and there’s no paying back, in the traditional sense of paying off a debt so how are the countries around the world (except Russia, who’s debt IS manageable) going to deal with this ever-growing debt?

…It’s not just because of the virus that this is the way it is. At the end of 2019, global debt stood at $255 Trillion. Once the dust settles on all the debt accumulated during the economic shutdowns, the Global debt will be greater than $300 Trillion – with no ability to pay it down.

I truly feel that with all this debt…[that] the only way out of this debt mess is for countries – including the U.S. – to…default on some of their debt…[This will cause] every trader…to sell the currency of a country taking the haircut, and buy the currency of a country that hasn’t announced they would be taking a haircut…[In time] they will all have announced it, and at that point is when I believe currencies, as we know them today, will no longer be.
…The next downward move in stocks, which is coming, will have the central banks running to the rescue, and those countries that already don’t have negative rates, will be reaching in their quivers, and finding no arrows, will then have to go negative with interest rates and going negative will set off a chain of events that will change the world and the global financial systems.
Here’s the playbook on how I believe will all play out:
  • the Fed goes negative with rates,
  • the banks begin to charge account holders for holding their balances and, being the hotblooded Americans that we are, we won’t sit still while the bank charges us for holding our money,
  • there will be runs on banks for withdrawal of cash holdings.
  • the Gov’t…will pass a bill that prohibits cash in the hands of individuals and replace the dollars in…your bank account…with…a Gov’t crypto-currency.
  • The IMF will increase distribution of their SDR’s, and banks around the world will revert to using SDR’s to settle trade balances. The currencies that used to make up SDR’s will be gone and probably replaced to a very large extent withold…

[I’ve analyzed the situation thoroughly]…and I see no other alternative. The good news in all of this is that gold will be soaring and probably gapping higher each day by $100 or so…Gold & silver…are a store of wealth, and should be held as such….

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