Monday , 2 October 2023

COVID-19: U.S. States & Cities With Most At-Risk Populations Based on Age

…The data is clear that novel coronavirus COVID-19 is dangerous for people of all ages, but is particularly lethal for older individuals…[and] this article…reviews just how many Americans are 65 and older in various places across the country. While this data analysis doesn’t show us how to solve the problem, it does show us just how large the devastation could be.

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Across the country, there are over 51 million Americans that are over the age of 65, comprising 16% of the population…

Chart #1: % of U.S. Population 65 and Older By State

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Chart #2:  Number Of People In Each State 65 and Older

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Chart #3: U.S. Cities With Highest % Of Residents 65 and Older

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Chart #4: U.S. Cities With the Largest Number of Residents 65 and Older

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…Some people have suggested that high risk elderly people just need to avoid the virus or that only a small number of people are really at risk…[but] it overlooks the sheer quantity of Americans that are at risk simply because of their age.

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