Tuesday , 28 June 2022


Cannabis Central: Dismal Month For Every “Pot” Stock & ETF Except This One

Given all the interest in "pot" stocks and ETFs these days one would think that the cannabis sector was setting the world on fire but the truth of the matter is that the performance of almost 100% of the 135+ "pot" stocks & ETFs out there that I follow are way down this month - way down - except this 1 stock. This article identifies that stock and provides a solid reason why that is the case.

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Cannabis Central: These 8 “Pot” Stocks Trade On Both Major U.S. & Cdn. Exchanges – Check Them Out

These 8 stocks, by the fact that they are listed on major stock exchanges in both Canada and the U.S., are well placed to attract major institutional attention and the potential for major price appreciation as more investors get on board. It might serve new investors well to seriously consider these stocks instead of venturing into the much more volatile juniors in the space.

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munKNEE.com: A Site For Sore Eyes & Inquisitive Minds – Check It Out!

Twice each week munKNEE.com publishes a newsletter (the Market Intelligence Report) consisting of the latest 5 financial articles posted on its site. Each article has been edited for clarity and shortened in length (by approx. 40% on average) for a faster and easier read. Unlike any other site on the internet (and much maligned by Google) munKNEE.com truly is a site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds. Check it out!

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