Friday , 29 September 2023


The Bare Facts On How Durex Sells Condoms in China (+2K Views)

Selling condoms in China is difficult. After purchasing Durex in 2010 Reckitt Benckiser set out to expand its 30% market share there but quickly realized its usual strategy was not going to work in China so it went for an all-social and all-digital strategy overhaul and the results were dramatic. Here's why.

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“Financial-tainment” Journalism: An Exposé

Many people have unwittingly bought into a highly addictive, sensationally-driven religion of doom-and-gloom where every day is a bad day, every war is a possible prelude to World War III, every market correction is a prelude to another financial crisis, every poor economic statistic is proof of a coming collapse. In theory, the above could all be true, and that's why framing any event in such a fashion is so tantalizing. Welcome to the doom-and-gloom "financial-tainment" industry!

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Your Weekend Read On – Sex, Sports & Security

Like me you probably read dozens of articles every day on the economy, financial matters, investing and the ups and downs of gold and silver. Often it can be just more of the same theme expressed in a slightly different way. Frankly, at times it can get quite boring. If that is the case right now check out the following on sex, sports and security.

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You Could Have Identified & Tracked Malaysia Flight 370 Using! Here’s How

Had a loved one, or anyone else for that matter, been following the flight of Malaysia Flight 370 using the software provided on* they would have been aware of the about turn of the flight just 10 seconds after it happened and have been in a position to bring that unusual change in direction immediately to the attention of the appropriate authorities. Unfortunately, no one did and the search for its remains continue after more than 50 days and counting.

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