Tuesday , 21 September 2021


Top 10 Gold and Forex Holding Countries

The argument for holding gold has just been reinforced by the Fed’s most recent $600 billion quantitative easing (QE) package because it pushes the dollar firmly onto a downward path and raises the risk of inflation. Words: 342

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NOW is the Time to Own Gold Stocks – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

If You Haven’t Participated in Gold’s Recent Rise – Don’t Fret – The Fun Has Only Just Begun 23 different countries are currently participating in a currency devaluation “race to the bottom” … and…as investors who seek safe harbor in hard money… we’re content to own precious metals investments until such a day arises when the currency war winner is finally announced …

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What Latest QE Means for the U.S. Dollar and the Future Price of Gold

The first round of QE had already guaranteed that the U.S. dollar was going to be under severe duress by next spring and Bernanke has just added insult to injury with his latest quantitative easing virtually guaranteeing that we will have a major currency crisis by next spring [and that can only mean one thing - a parabolic move upwards in the price of gold]. Words: 550

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Oil Prices Are Going Higher! Here's Why

Global crude oil production has plateaued at 74 million barrels per day. However, now that economies are recovering, consumption levels are back on the rise [and] the result will be an inevitable rise in oil prices. Words: 717

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Don’t Worry About A Gold Correction (+2K Views)

Gold is overbought...but I will not be selling into overbought conditions, but looking to add on weakness. For the duration of this bull market, overbought conditions have led to a retest of the 200-day moving average. The 200-day currently sits at $1189, so a correction to $1250 or so is reasonable. In no way would a correction to these levels indicate the end of this bull market. Words: 725

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The Gold Bubble Is About to Burst! Here's Why

The gold bubble is preparing to burst. Investors have endured panic for three years, and gold has rightfully gone up. Unfortunately for current gold investors, [however,] fear/panic is diminishing by the day and without that essential element, the big money will exit the trade...Those left carrying gold in their portfolios will be trying to come up with reasons to justify their holdings... [and there is considerable] confusion of rationale to [support] the precious metal's continued rise. Words: 606

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