Sunday , 1 October 2023

Cash In On Global Explosion in Cyber-attacks and Cyber-crime

If big organizations like Sony, Target, Google, and Home Depot can’t do anything to stop cyber-security incidents, what chance do the rest of us have and that’s the problem with cyber-attacks. Thank goodness, however, cyber-security, as we depict in this infographic, is a booming industry with hundreds of companies scrambling to protect us from having intellectual property, health records, financial information, and other vital data compromised. Take a look.

The edited excerpts above, and those below, are from an article/infographic* by originally posted under the title The Cybersecurity Boom – How Investors Can Play the Global Explosion in Cyberattacks and Cybercrime which can be read in its entirety HERE.

By 2020, the cyber-security market is expected to be valued at $170.2 billion, which implies a 9.8% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from today’s estimate of $106.3 billion. Businesses and governments are spending more on cyber-security than ever before and among the companies that are benefiting from the surge in cyber-security spending are those building firewalls, secure servers, routers, anti-virus software, and malware detection tools. Firms that specialize in consulting and solving related security problems are also getting plenty of interest.

Investors can potentially profit from this sector as well by identifying companies and funds that will gain from booming activity and spending in the sector. Those interested in investing in the cyber-security sector are encouraged to check out THIS fund.

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