Only Here: Latest Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio Performance Insights

What do you really know about the pot stock market? Not much I would expect, as little of substance is being written about the cannabis stock market these days other than articles hyping/promoting specific client companies. That short-coming has just come to an end.

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1. Cannabis Central: Wednesday Saw Little Volatility In The Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio

The Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio of 25 pure-play stocks went up just 0.8% on Wednesday with 50% of the stocks in the portfolio going down and 50% of the industry categories in which they operate going down as well.

2. “Marijuana” ETFs: A Troubling Expose

A look at the constituent makeup of the 11 publicly traded “marijuana” ETFs reveals that they include a large percentage of pharmaceutical, real estate, grower supply, and tobacco/spirit companies. Why is that? Here’s the surprising reason.

3. Cannabis Central: Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio Was Down 6.9% Last Week

The Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio of the 25 cannabis pure-play stocks that consistently trade for +US$1/share was down 6.9% last week with 20 stocks declining, 5 advancing and 3 of the 4 associated categories also declining.
4.  Cannabis Central: Cresco Labs’ Q2 Financial Results Were Outstanding

5. Cannabis Central Update: MSOs Have Dramatically Outperformed LPs Year-To-Date

The 14 MSOs in the Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio are up 15.5%, on average, YTD, with 9 of them up YTD. In comparison, the 7 LPs in the portfolio are down 45.3%, on average, YTD, with only 1 of them up YTD.

6. Cannabis Central: 10 Pure-Play Pot Stocks Down 45% On Average, YTD

Four of the underperforming pure-play nonpenny pot stocks are in the Vertically Integrated (Seed-to-Sale) category of Canadian licensed producers, while only three are American multi-state operators.

7. Cannabis Central: These 10 Pure-Play Pot Stocks Are Up 57% YTD, On Average

The Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio is down 12.8% YTD but 10 of the 25 stocks in the portfolio are up 57.2%, on average, YTD

8. Cannabis Central: Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio Performed Well In August

The Pure-Play Pot Stock Portfolio was UP 8.3% in August. Here are the month’s major winners and losers.

9. Cannabis Central: A Conservative Approach To Investing In The Marijuana Industry

7 major consumer and pharmaceutical corporations have bought into marijuana companies to take full advantage of this rapidly growing market.

10. These 7 Indexes Track The Performance Of Pot Stocks – Which Are The Best & Why?

The marijuana market consists of 313 companies from which various numbers of them are included in 7 indexes. Which ones are the best?

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