Tuesday , 21 March 2023

Canadian Real Estate Prices Are Expected To Fall 24% By Mid-2024

…Oxford Economics forecasts home prices falling 24% by mid-2024 as a result of higher interest rates and anti-speculation policies that are expected to begin this fall and, if these measures fail to correct prices and they rise further, a crash of 40% and a financial crisis is expected.

@$$4$…Home prices have increased 50% since the Bank of Canada (BoC) began cutting interest rates and, even with this correction, the firm expects prices to still be 15% higher than pre-2020.

Source: Oxford Economics

Just two years ago, the firm didn’t consider such a significant decline in prices possible. Then the boom in 2020 began, pushing home prices to an extreme. If prices continue the “unsustainable” climb, the correction turns into a crash. In this scenario, a 40% price drop would happen, as well as the potential for a financial crisis. They also stress it’s unlikely, but the 24% drop in their base case scenario can result in further fallout. Further research is needed in this area, which they plan to update us with.

Oxford Economics doesn’t expect home prices to bounce back quickly. From 2025 to 2030, they see supply outpacing demand and keeping annual growth under 1% for five years which will allow incomes to catch up and affordability to return by mid-2028…

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