Monday , 25 September 2023

Can Projections of $100.00/ozt Silver Be Justified?

Once again, people are giving voice to expectations of silver suddenly rocketing much higher – but why? Even after its recent price rebound, silver is 65% cheaper than it was 8 years ago.

In January 1980, the price of silver peaked at $49.45 per [troy] ounce (the equivalent of $163.00/ozt in today’s dollars) which represented a 39x increase in little more than 8 years from its low in October 1971 at $1.27. There was talk about higher silver prices, as much as $100.00/ozt and more, yet, only a few months later, silver was down to $10.00/ozt which amounted to a decline of nearly 80% from its peak.

At today’s price of $17.50/ozt, however, silver needs to increase by almost 500% to reach the $100.00 mark and it needs to be at least $163.00/ozt just to match its January 1980 high. Think about that. Even if it manages to reach the vaunted $100.00 price, silver will still be 40% cheaper than it was 50 years ago.

The next time you hear that silver’s big day is just around the corner, ask yourself what has changed. Silver’s fundamentals are not much different today than they have been for the past half-century and silver’s price history doesn’t indicate anything that supports or justifies projections of $100.00/ozt and higher.

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