Wednesday , 22 March 2023

AVERAGE House/Condo Price In Greater Toronto Now $1,259,900 – Yes, $1,259,900!

Greater Toronto real estate prices are surging higher at the fastest pace in history. The TRREB composite benchmark price hit $1,259,900 in January, up 4.29% ($51,900) from the previous month.

@$Prices are now 33.29% ($314,667) higher than last year — about the cost of a whole house in Canada just over a decade ago. It’s an unreasonable amount of price growth.

In the City of Toronto, real estate prices are moving a little slower but still fast. The composite home price in the city hit $1,242,700 in January, up 2.22% ($27,000) from the month before. Compared to last year, prices are 24.64% ($245,668) higher, rising two-thirds the pace of the Greater Region. This tells us home prices in the suburbs are moving so fast, City prices are slowing down the whole index…

Toronto: Home Resale Market Conditions (End-of-month-listing-to-sale ratio.)

@$$Higher home prices motivate some to sell, but when they’re rising so fast, few want to leave anything on the table, especially with the central bank whipping buyers into a frenzy with the warning of higher rates. Experts see slowing demand with higher rates, but they didn’t see over 30% home price growth, so it’s a tough sell. A large portion of the population is now worried the end of cheap debt is coming, and they may have to pay more.
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