Sunday , 3 December 2023

Lorimer Wilson

Jim & Sue: Our Lives Since High School

While we were canoeing in Killarney Park in 1977, we discovered where Group of Seven artist, A.Y. Jackson, sat when he did one of his paintings. We combined our interest in canoeing, camping, navigation and art and have found and photographed about 800 of these places. We wrote a book about our hobby as a fund-raiser for the Art Gallery of Sudbury. “In the Footsteps of The Group of Seven.”

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Lorie’s Life Since High School

Established a web site in 2009 and started posting my own financial articles and posting edited and abridged versions of other authors' articles and continue to spend a minimum of 5 hours a day, 7 days a week, on the site to this day.

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The Long and Short of What’s Happening With Silver These Days

Something has drastically changed in the silver market. The banks that once controlled the price of silver are now closing positions at a loss. The commercial shorts have begun to bleed money – and when blood spills sharks will circle. Hedge funds and traders that never even thought of silver before will begin to squeeze the shorts. If the big banks don't quickly regain control of the silver market they may lose it forever. Words: 733

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In Foreclosure? Don’t Worry! Your Bank Probably Can’t Prove They Own Your Mortgage! (+3K Views)

When a home owner is forced into foreclosure, the case is presented to a judge for approval. Historically, if uncontested, a foreclosure has quickly led to a judgment in favor of the bank - to evict the owner and confiscate the property. However, in the last few years a growing number of homeowners have been contesting the foreclosures and demanding proof of the note - or ownership of the mortgage - and, in many cases, the note can't be located by the bank. [As such,] the foreclosures are not being approved due to lack of documentation. Words: 719

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Gold & Silver: Core Investments for Every Portfolio (+2K Views)

[Are you one of the] millions of people who lost money over the past decade in stocks and housing [who] are now buying bonds, annuities, and other fixed deposit credit based investments? [If so you are probably doing so because you] think it is the conservative [thing to do but, in fact, you] are really a [being a] speculator buying an asset far above its intrinsic value with the idea that someone else will pay even more [and such action] is guaranteed to disappoint. [Instead, you should make] alternative investments the core of your portfolio. Words: 834

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Stock Markets Have Major UPSIDE Potential (+2K Views)

The U.S. stock market finished the month of September with its best performance in 71 years, i.e. since September 1939. The Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 index, as a benchmark of the total equity market, has gone up 10% since September 1 and all my analyses indicate that the market could see continued strength until at least sometime after the November elections. Words: 614

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