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Transition of Paper Currencies Into Digital Credits Coming – Here’s the “Source”

It has been put forth that the U.S. dollar will soon lose its position as the world’s reserve currency, and that when that happens, the world will fall into a deep depression. Is such an event really likely to unfold? Would such an event be really something to fear? How would/should we prepare for such a presumed collapse?

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I have the privilege of having access to the teachings of the “Michael” entity (visit and the following questions were asked of “them” by one of its students earlier this year and below is “their” channeled response:

Question: It has been put forth that the U.S. dollar will soon lose its position as the world’s reserve currency, and that when that happens, the world will fall into a deep depression.

  1. Is such an event really likely to unfold?
  2. Would such an event be really something to fear?
  3. How would/should we prepare for such a presumed collapse?

Answer: [The introductory views of Jim Rickards, from his book “The Death of Money” in which he states that the U.S. dollar will soon lose its position as the world’s reserve currency in as little as 6 months from now, and certainly within 5 years are]

those of a Young Soul and they have had their run. The Mature Soul world cannot be sustained on the current ideas of money. The Mature Soul paradigm is looking for how to shift away from this, but as smoothly as possible, generations at a time, rather than as a collapse or “death”.

This channel does not have the terminology for explaining this as clearly as we could, but we can say that it is more valid to presume that there is a high probability for a fairly rapid reformation that will have its precarious moments rather than a “death” or collapse. It is not uncommon for these changes to come, and they have come several times.

Though we cannot predict a scenario, we can say that:

  • this reformation is likely, but so far it appears that:
    • this transition will be beneficial. Economic disparity is on its way out as a means of defining prosperity, so shifts are naturally moving toward ways that would even out the spread of prosperity and,
    • while there will be ups and downs over this transition, it will be a transition that is cumulative rather than as collapse, and will include a wave of education for why it is better.
  • and, of all of the transitions in reformation of currency, resources, and value, the highest probabilities show that this will be the least painful of all, so far. A lot has been learned from history, and while there are those who are sinister in the world, there are also those who are invested in the well-being of the world, and this mindset of greater context is gaining footing.

This financial reformation started in 1950 and will likely take another 50 years, at most, and 10 at least.

Economic overhaul appears to be vital for the means necessary to deal with greater threats, such as climate, environment, population, and disease. The latter have more likelihood of affecting your well-being than economy, at this point.

In most probabilities, paper does lose its footing as symbolic currency and is replaced by digital credits, and this, in itself, is a profound step in a more beneficial direction, despite the fears associated with that future. That value of digital credit is far more malleable, lenient, and free to such an extent that those credits begin to take on a new resource of meaning. Eventually, credits reflect the value of exchanges, not a stored and limited resource.

We will not say that there is no need for concern, but that your concern may not have much bearing on any positive or negative directions ahead. Preparation for presumed collapse is quite limited.

Let your fear of what the future holds allow you to become informed about the choices you have for the future. Do not let it define the future. Your fears are legitimate, so to deny them would be insulting to your intelligence – but to embrace fear as a conclusive reality is also insulting.”

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