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Help Me Sound the Alarm – While We Still Can

Why are so few voices warning the people about what is coming?  Wefinancial-cliff stand at the door of a period of distress that will be unlike anything that any of us have ever known before yet, even though the signs are all around us, very few individuals appear to be willing to stand up and sound the alarm…[While I may] get some criticism for this article…I just hope I can inspire [you]… to help warn America (and the world) about what is rapidly approaching. It doesn’t matter if your voice is big or small. What matters is whether or not you are faithful with what you have been given. Let us sound the alarm while we still can, because time is quickly running out.

[The original article, as written by Michael Snyder (, is presented below by the editorial team of (Your Key to Making Money!) in a slightly edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) format to provide you with a fast and easy read.]

It is so easy to sit back on your sofa munching on potato chips as the world around you goes to hell, and it is easy to criticize those that have chosen to have the courage to stand up and warn the people, but it is not easy to stand up and say the hard things that need to be said in a society that does not want to listen…

Most people either don’t believe that we are on the precipice of disaster, they don’t care enough to warn others, or they are too busy criticizing those that are trying very hard to warn others. Sadly, the few voices that are proclaiming the warning message in our society are being almost completely drowned out by everyone else.

  • None of our political leaders are warning the American people about what is really coming.  Yes, they are warning that some bad things may happen if the wrong candidate gets elected, but all of them are promising that they can get this country completely turned around if they are elected. Unfortunately, all of them are dead wrong.  None of them are going to be able to keep America from experiencing the great storm that is directly ahead of us…
  • According to the mainstream media, everything is great and things are only going to get even better in the years ahead.  Of course the mainstream media is owned and controlled by the global elite, and just six giant media corporations produce more than 90% of the news and entertainment that we all consume.
  • Perhaps most disappointing of all are the religious leaders.  You would think that if anyone should be “sounding the alarm” it would be them but they have willingly chosen to be silent.  They know that disaster is coming to America, and yet they have decided not to warn the people. Instead, ministers all over this country have become absolutely terrified of offending anyone.  Church attendance has been declining for years, and most churches are desperate to do whatever they can to keep people coming back and putting money in the offering plate…

Sometimes I get frustrated because I wish that I could do a better job of warning the people.  My articles are far from perfect, but I work very hard on them and nobody can accuse me of not trying to sound the alarm.  I have written more than a million words on The Economic Collapse Blog, and I have written more than a million words on End Of The American Dream.  In addition, soon my wife and I will be doing a television show, and we will be posting the videos up on YouTube for free.

I am just an ordinary guy that is trying to warn the people as loudly as I can from my little spot on the wall…People know that they aren’t getting the truth from the “leaders” of our society, and so they are seeking out alternative sources of information.  Thankfully, the Internet has allowed ordinary people like myself and others to get the warning message out.

The warning message is only part of my mission.  I also carry a message of hope, and that is going to be greatly needed in the days ahead. As things completely fall apart during the years to come, millions are going to give in to depression and despair.  Those people are going to need to know that there is hope even in the midst of all the chaos and all the darkness.  My wife and I seek to live in a constant state of “shalom” (the Hebrew word for peace), and we believe that the greatest chapters of our lives are still ahead of us.

Yes, we are heading for times that are going to be more challenging than most people would ever dare to imagine, but there is no other time in human history that we would have rather been alive for.  We boldly look forward to the future, and we plan to bring light to a world that will be drowning in darkness. This optimistic view of the future is going to be a central theme of my new book which should be coming out later this month.  The things that I am going to share about Bible prophecy, the book of Revelation and the challenging years ahead of us are going to really shake up a lot of people out there, and it will likely be one of the most controversial Christian books of 2016 but, once again, someone needs to stand up and say the hard things that need to be said.

In conclusion:

I am sure that I will get some criticism for this article, but that is okay.  I just hope that I can inspire a few others to come up on the wall and help warn America (and the world) about what is rapidly approaching.

It doesn’t matter if your voice is big or small. What matters is whether or not you are faithful with what you have been given. Let us sound the alarm while we still can, because time is quickly running out.

In the end, we all have a choice to make.  If we sound the alarm and people choose not to listen, the responsibility for failing to act falls on them, but if we know what is coming and we choose to do nothing to warn others, then we may end up being responsible for their blood.

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