Tuesday , 26 September 2023

5 Interesting Articles You Probably Missed Reading This Week

We all lead busy lives and can not be expected to find all the interesting/informative financial articles that proliferate the internet on a daily basis. Here are 5 such articles that appeared on munKNEE.com this past week that warrant your attention.

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1. How To Become A Stock Market Millionaire – Part 1: (The Plan)

Becoming a stock market millionaire is much easier than you think because if you take about an hour or two of your time now to create an investment strategy, you are 95% of the way to becoming a stock market millionaire. So what exactly do you need to know to become a stock market millionaire? I’ve outlined all the steps below to help you build your wealth in the stock market.

2. How Much Do You Need To Invest In the Stock Market Each Month To Become A Millionaire?

If you are disciplined with saving and investing when you are young, you are almost guaranteed to become a stock market millionaire! This article outlines 3 of the 7 steps necessary to help you build your wealth in the stock market.

3. Follow These Steps & Become A Stock Market Millionaire – Guaranteed

Here’s your step-by-step guide for how to become a stock market millionaire. If you can follow them I can virtually guarantee you will become a stock market millionaire!

4. U.S. Debt Per Dollar Of GDP Growth Continues To Go Ballistic

The U.S. and global economies are choking on a massive amount of debt. While Wall Street and the mainstream financial media continue to rationalize the skyrocketing debt as merely the cost of doing business, the disintegrating fundamentals point to an economic catastrophe in the making. [Indeed,] when the massive amount of debt finally implodes, it will take down the values of most stocks, bonds, and real estate. This is not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when” and it seems as if the “when” is quickly approaching.

5. Don’t Use the 4% and 60-40 Investing Rules of Thumb – They’re Dumb! Here’s Why

One of the things that really frosts me is the financial planning industry that insists on using rules of thumb such as the “set and forget” tools – specifically the 4% and 60-40 rules.

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