4 TSX Small Cap Stocks with Big Dividend Yields

For dividend investors to get the most bang for their buck, they should seek out companies that provide a sustainably high dividend yield. The 4 TSX small cap stocks we have identified today have some of the highest dividend yields in the small cap space and have all either maintained or raised their dividends over the past five years.

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1. Callidus Capital Corp. (TSX:CBL)
Corporate Financial Services

Callidus Capital is a Canada-based financial services company offering loans to businesses unable to acquire financing from other institutions. CBL has several mechanisms in place to manage risk through loan monitoring. The Company partners with Catalyst Capital Group, a large private equity fund, to finance roughly 75% of its loans.

  • Market Cap: $303.1 Million
  • Dividend Yield: 22%
  • Dividend Yield 5 YR Avg: 9%
  • YTD Total Return: -43%

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2. Granite Oil Corp. (TSX:GXO)
Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Granite Oil is a Canada-based oil producer operating in southern Alberta, approximately 70 kilometers south of Lethbridge. GXO’s Alberta Bakken property consists of 65 gross oil wells and 91 gross gas wells, nine of which were drilled in 2017. The Company’s assets host 20,000M boe in reserves. Granite owns 100% of its operating wells.

  • Market Cap: $99.4 Million
  • Dividend Yield: 10%
  • Dividend Yield 5 YR Avg: 8%
  • YTD Total Return: -3%

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3. Just Energy Group Inc. (TSX:JE)
Natural Gas Utilities

Just Energy Group is a utility company operating in Canada and internationally. The Company serves over 1.6M customers, of which 56% are commercial and 44% residential. It offers a suite of electrical and natural gas products, as well as providing energy management and sustainability solutions. The Company launched expansions into Japan, Ireland, and Germany in December 2016, bringing its total presence to 23 markets.

  • Market Cap: $722.4 Million
  • Dividend Yield: 10%
  • Dividend Yield 5 YR Avg: 8%
  • YTD Total Return: -6%

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4. Cardinal Energy Ltd. (TSX:CJ)
Oil & Gas Exploration and Production

Cardinal Energy is a Canada-based oil and natural gas company operating in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. The Company operates 2,452 producing oil wells and 192 natural gas wells across its seven operating areas, which produce a total of 18,700 boe/d. CJ’s assets host 85,000 Mbbls of crude oil and 80,000 MMcf of natural gas.

  • Market Cap: $631.9 Million
  • Dividend Yield: 7.6%
  • Dividend Yield 5 YR Avg: -48%
  • YTD Total Return: 13%
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