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4 Stocks That Could Get a Donald Trump Bump

With President-elect Donald Trump saying throughout his campaign that hepd-pipeline1-200x300 would “absolutely approve” the Keystone XL pipeline and would ask the companies to resubmit their applications…Should the pipeline be approved, the TSX pipeline-related stocks on our list could benefit from such a development.

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1. Secure Energy Services Inc. (TSE:SES) – $8.53
Oil Related Services and Equipment

Secure Energy Services Inc. is an energy services company that owns and operates midstream infrastructure and provides environmental services and products to upstream oil and natural gas companies operating in Western Canada and certain regions in the United States. It operates through three divisions. The Processing, Recovery and Disposal division, Drilling Services division, and Onsite Services division.

  • Market Cap: $1,364.21(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $1,169.51
  • YTD Price PCT Change: 2.0%secure-graph





2. Canadian Energy Services and Technology Corp. (TSE:CEU) – $5.11
Oil Related Services and Equipment

Canadian Energy Services and Technology Corp is a Canada-based company, which designs, implements, and manufactures consumable fluids and specialty chemicals for the oil and gas industry. The Company operates in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and in several basins throughout the United States. In Canada, the Company operates under the trade names Canadian Energy Services, PureChem Services, Sialco Materials Ltd., Clear Environmental Solutions and EQUAL Transport. In the United States, the Company operates under the trade names AES Drilling Fluids, AES Frac Fluids, Superior Weighting Products and JACAM Chemicals.

  • Market Cap: $1,337.11(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $587.60
  • YTD Price PCT Change: 31.7%canadian-graph





3. Energold Drilling Corp. (CVE:EGD) – $0.89
Oil & Gas Drilling

Energold Drilling Corp., through its subsidiaries, provides drilling services. The Company operates through three segments: Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy. The Minerals segment provides drilling services in the minerals industry for parties in North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Africa and Europe. The Energy segment provides drilling and other services to the energy sector in Canada, the United States and South America. The Manufacturing segment designs and manufactures specialty/customized drilling rigs and associated equipment for water well, mineral exploration and geotechnical drilling companies.

  • Market Cap: $48.39(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $74.29
  • YTD Price PCT Change: 161.8%energold-graph





4. Trican Well Service Ltd. (TSE:TCW) – $2.88
Oil Related Services and Equipment

Trican Well Service Ltd. is a Canada-based oilfield services company that provides an array of specialized products, equipment, services and technology for use in the drilling, completion, stimulation and reworking of oil and gas wells in Canada, the United States, Kazakhstan, Russia and Norway, as well as limited operations in Saudi Arabia and Colombia. The Company operates through three divisions: Canada, the United States and International. The International operations provide cementing, fracturing, coiled tubing, acidizing, nitrogen, and completion systems and downhole tool services.

  • Market Cap: $556.47(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $730.31
  • YTD Price PCT Change: 350.0%trican-graph

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