Tuesday , 3 October 2023

4 Canadian Copper Stocks Shining on Trump Infrastructure Speculation (+2K Views)

With $500 billion to $1 trillion in potential infrastructure spendingCopper-USFS planned by the incoming Trump administration, the price of copper has risen along with the 4 Canadian copper stocks on our list.

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 The 4 Canadian copper stocks on our list are:

copper-logo1. Copper Mountain Mining Corp. (TSE:CUM) – $0.69
Specialty Mining & Metals

Copper Mountain Mining Corp is a Canada-based mining company engaged in the business of mineral exploration, development and operation of mineral deposits. The Copper Mountain mine project is situated approximately 20 kilometers south of Princeton, British Columbia and over 300 kilometers east of the port of Vancouver. It is a conventional open pit, truck and shovel operation that has approximately 35,000 tons per day concentrator, which produces a copper concentrate with gold and silver credits.

  • Market Cap: $91.68(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $243.49
  • Month-To-Date Price PCT Change: +60.5%
  • Beta 5 Year: 0.02copper-graph

hudbay-logo2. HudBay Minerals Inc. (TSE:HBM) – $7.99
Diversified Mining

HudBay Minerals Inc. is a Canada-based mining company engaged in the production of copper concentrate, consisting of copper, gold and silver, as well as zinc metal. The Company owns Constancia mine, an open pit copper mine in Peru. It owns 777 mine, an underground copper, zinc, gold and silver mine in Flin Flon, Manitoba. It owns Lalor mine, an underground zinc, copper and gold mine near Snow Lake, Manitoba. It also owns Rosemont project, a copper development project in Pima County, Arizona, in the United States.

  • Market Cap: $1,879.50(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $1,523.66
  • MTD Price PCT Change: +41.4%hudbay-graph

amerigo-logo3. Amerigo Resources Ltd. (TSE:ARG) – $0.23
Specialty Mining & Metals

Amerigo Resources Ltd. is a Canada-based company engaged in the production of copper and molybdenum concentrates through its subsidiary, Minera Valle Central S.A. (MVC). MVC is engaged in the business of processing copper tailings in Chile. MVC’s processing facilities are located in Region VI (Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Region) of central Chile. The site is approximately eight kilometers east of the city of Rancagua and over 90 kilometers south of Santiago. MVC is involved in reprocessing tailings generated from the El Teniente mine. El Teniente is a porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit located in the Andes of central Chile.

  • Market Cap: $40.32(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $103.42
  • MTD Price PCT Change: +39.4%amerigo-graph

taseko-logo4. Taseko Mines Ltd. (TSE:TKO) – $0.75
Specialty Mining & Metals

Taseko Mines Limited is a mining company engaged in the production and sale of metals, as well as related activities, including exploration and mine development, within the province of British Columbia, Canada and the State of Arizona, the United States. Its operating asset is the Gibraltar Mine, a copper mine located in central British Columbia. It also owns the New Prosperity Gold-Copper, Aley Niobium, Florence Copper and Harmony Gold Projects. The Florence Copper Project is an in-situ copper recovery (ISCR) project in central Arizona. The Aley Niobium Project is located in northern British Columbia, approximately 140 kilometers north of Mackenzie. The New Prosperity Project is a gold-copper porphyry with approximately one billion ton measured and indicated resource containing approximately 5.3 billion pounds of copper and over 13.3 million ounces of gold.

  • Market Cap: $166.98(mm)
  • Total Revenue (LTM, Default, Millions): $203.95
  • MTD Price PCT Change: +27.1%taseko-graph

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