10 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies With Great Upside Potential

Everyone wants to find those elusive undervalued cryptocurrencies & altcoins with strong upside and long-term potential [and, to that end, this article presents 10] undervalued cryptocurrencies with great potential [for your consideration].

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[The cryptocurrencies mentioned below]…have all suffered significant losses since seeing all-time highs [but] all the coins we discuss have great leaders and teams, offer specific solutions to real problems, and could see promising investment returns in the future.  #munKNEE.com is being given away – check it out!

1. Power Ledger Coin (POWR)

POWR Coin is a cryptocurrency that focuses on energy trading. On this platform, consumers that have solar panels can sell off their excess energy to local users…This is done through the power grid, or by simply sharing with another user and bypassing the system altogether.

Overall, POWR aims to disrupt the centralized energy companies ability to fix prices…

2. Nucleus Vision Coin (NCASH)

Nucleus Vision coin is a unique cryptocurrency in that it…integrates with a technology that uses an Internet of Things sensor…[which] gives retails stores the ability to a) identify users based on their mobile phone information….so…[they] can target specific customers with their promotions…[and b)] determine when an object is being stolen in a retail store or workplace….

3. Substratum (SUB)

The aim of Substratum coin is to provide an alternative to a centralized internet, which is free from interference by governments…Substratum gives anyone with a computer on their open network [the ability] to share their computing power with another computer on the same network

Anyone can host an application or website while those who do the hosting receive SUB as a reward…[which acts as an] incentive to help increase participation on the Substratum platform.

4. Nano Coin (NANO)

…Nano Coin wants to become a global digital currency with immediate transactions and no fees…[and] perform these transactions via a decentralized and secure network….[but, unlike] Bitcoin, NANO coins don’t require mining…Nano has discovered a method to perform instant transactions that incur zero fees. Additionally, with Nano’s platform, an unlimited number of transactions can complete simultaneously. This feature is a key reason many believe in this digital currency…

NANO is solving a huge problem that prevents cryptocurrency from reaching mass adoption. Scalability, high fees, and slow transactions are a hindrance to digital currencies, and NANO can go a long way in solving these problems. This is a cryptocurrency that has global implications and can change the way we view financial transactions.

5. Wanchain Coin (WAN)

The goal of Wanchain is to create a new distribution platform specifically for digital assets kept in the financial sector. The current problem with digital assets is that they reside in a certain place and are not easily moved to other businesses if they use a different blockchain platform. Wanchain aims to establish a bridge that provides digital financial assets the ability to move between different blockchains…

It’s likely that the trend of asset digitizing will continue to increase in the future, so it makes sense to be optimistic about Wanchain. WAN is in a great position to benefit if this trend continues. It needs to continue to see adoption from typical financial institutions, but as you look for undervalued cryptocurrencies with great potential, you might put WAN near the top of your list.


…ICON is a project that wants to establish connectivity between systems, platforms, and blockchains…[which] will allow for increased usage in blockchain technologies and also give businesses the ability to leverage it in ways that make sense for their operations…

ICON is a very ambitious project that wants to connect the world. The ability to communicate across blockchains is a technology that will be disruptive in many industries. It will greatly change and increase the adoption of blockchain at an enterprise level. While this platform is still in its nascent stages, you might notice rapid growth in the near future.

7. NEOCoin (NEO)

NEO’s Smart Economy platform can digitize assets via its smart contract technology…[so the assets] can be self-managed, exchanged, or distributed within NEO’s platform…Smart contracts can transfer ownership of any real-world item (i.e. a car, food, property, or any number of other assets. If the item can be digitized, NEO’s ecosystem can trade it) from one person to another…If this type of economy becomes the future of transactions, you’ll be able to trade items easily and across borders while avoiding excessive fees; buy a car or house easily without the need for a middleman or the fees associated with them; share digital assets easily and avoid high fees when booking travel.

It’s time our economy begins to reflect the digital age in which we live. A smart economy is still in its early stages, but cryptocurrencies like NEO will make these transactions a reality. It’s…[evident] that NEO has a place in the future of smart economies and it makes sense to keep an eye on this digital currency as it continues to grow.

8. WAX Token (WAX)

WAX…is an international marketplace for digital assets…Gamers spend $50 billion annually on in-game items and often acquire these items throughout the course of gameplay. The thinking behind WAX is that users can sell in-game items they’ve earned for WAX tokens. Users can then take the tokens and sell them for real money via a cryptocurrency exchange or purchase other in-game items…

The WAX platform offers a creative solution to an ongoing problem, and it will be interesting to see how this digital currency is able to garner gamer adoption. The team will focus on gaining additional market share while offering the appeal of a platform that gives them the ability to trade their digital assets. It will be interesting to watch this undervalued cryptocurrency as it moves forward.

9. Po.et Coin (POE)

…POE cryptocurrency wants to establish a platform which protects online content…Using the blockchain for a licensing system would create a more efficient system than the current copyrighting option, and it would be easier for publishers and authors to register their work… Every action is tracked and leaves an immutable record, which everyone can see. This means anyone trying to copy or claim content as their own will soon get caught doing so…

This digital currency could significantly impact the way users consume content. This mature crypto project is in a league of its own and might be one of the few currencies to survive if things go south.

10. WaBi Coin (WABI)

WaBi is a cryptocurrency that focuses on supply chain and loyalty program tracking. Using WaBi, users can track their product from the manufacturing factory all the way to the shelf in the retail store…

The WaBi project is perfect if you’re looking for an undervalued cryptocurrency. This digital currency solves major problems within the supply chain industry. Additionally, its potential market is massive. WaBi already has a working product, so from this point, it’s all about how the project makes inroads and grows user adoption.

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