Monday , 4 December 2023

10 Things That May Influence Gold Price Dynamics In 2022

With the Fed and most other G10 central banks beginning the rate hiking cycle, we highlight below 10 things we think gold/precious metals investors should watch for that may influence gold price dynamics in 2022.

#1. M2 Money Supply, U.S. 10-Year Treasury Real Yields and U.S. Dollar (USD)

#2. Across the Board Declining Monetary and Fiscal Impulses

#3. Higher Macro Risk Levels

#4. A Hawkish Fed

#5. Waiting for the Powell Pivot 2.0

#6. Portfolio Risk

#7. Reflation Flows Back to Haven Flows

#8. Non-Investment Gold Buyers Returning

#9. Positioning and Sentiment for Gold Bullion and Gold Equities

#10. Gold Equities at Extreme Low Valuation

Editor’s Note:

The above version of the original article by Paul Wong ( was slightly edited for a faster and easier read.

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