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10 Great Financial Articles That Were Flying Under the Radar Until Now

Hundreds of great articles (timely, informative, balanced, well written) on the economy, investing and financial matters are posted every week on the internet top-10-300x300but, for whatever reason, many hardly see the light of day. Below are introductory paragraphs and links to 10 such articles that are well worth your time and attention.


By Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!) (A site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds) and the FREE Market Intelligence Report newsletter (sample here; register here).

Economy (go here for more such articles)

1. The 21st Century Will Belong to the U.S. & NOT China – Here’s Why

“The American Century Ends, and the Pacific Century begins.” Seriously? We say B.S. to that. This moment in history is not the end of American dominance. If anything it is a beginning. In terms of dominance, America has barely rolled up its sleeves. [Let me explain.] Read More »

2. Is a House/Condo a Good “Investment”? Hardly! Here’s Why

Most people seem to think owning a house is a great “investment” but, in actual fact, when you look at the numbers closely, such an acquisition is anything but. Let me explain with supporting evidence. Read More »

3. The Average Home “Owner” Is Totally Out of Touch With Reality! Here’s Why

A recent Gallup survey on expected future returns of asset prices shows that most Americans still think that owning a home is the best way to generate a high return in the future. Nothing could be further from the truth! It just shows how totally out of touch with reality the average American is. Read More »

4. Inflation: What You Need to Know

The March year-over-year inflation rate was 1.51%, which is well below the 3.88% average since the end of the Second World War and 37% below its 10-year moving average. Read More »

5. Capital Controls: How & Why They’re Implemented; What Harm They Cause; How to Protect Yourself

It’s crucially important to your financial future that you understand what capital controls are, how and why they are implemented, the harm they can cause, and what you can do to protect yourself. [This article does just that. Read on!] Read More »

Investing (go here for more such articles)

1. The Best Stock Market Indicator – Ever

It doesn’t matter until it matters! IF margin debt should start decreasing swiftly, history would suggest something different is taking place in the mind of aggressive investors. Will a decline in margin debt from all-time highs matter this time? Read More »

Personal Finance (go here for more such articles)

1. Don’t Forget China When Formulating A Diversified Secure Financial Strategy

It is well known that holding uncorrelated asset classes in our investment portfolio gives diversification benefits. In the same sense, diversifying among competing or rival countries or jurisdictions helps to maximize freedom by mitigating political risk. This article discuss the merits, and ease of, diversifying in a country that virtually all have never given a second thought, let alone an initial one. Read More »

2. Avoid the “Toy Trap” – Being “Rich” Is A State of Mind

Many a retiree, or near-retiree, has overspent on cars, boats, homes, and a surgically enhanced trophy wife or two. We also all have friends who’ve fallen into the “toy trap” of buying things they don’t need, with money they don’t have, to impress people they don’t particularly like, in the mistaken belief that “He who dies with the most toys wins.” That being said, is there room in 2014 for a return to financial modesty—room to reject the toy trap? I say yes! Here’s our 5-step guide to doing just that. Read More »

Miscellaneous (honourable mention)

You Could Have Identified & Tracked Malaysia Flight 370 Using! Here’s How

Had a loved one, or anyone else for that matter, been following the flight of Malaysia Flight 370 using the software provided on* they would have been aware of the about turn of the flight just 10 seconds after it happened and have been in a position to bring that unusual change in direction immediately to the attention of the appropriate authorities. Unfortunately, no one did and the search for its remains continue after more than 50 days and counting. Read More »

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