Saturday , 17 April 2021

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U.S Likely to Hit the Financial Wall by 2017! Here’s Why (+4K Views)

The deficits aren't going to stop anytime soon. The debt mountain will keep growing...Obviously, the debt can't keep growing faster than the economy forever, but the people in charge do seem determined to find out just how far they can push things....The only way for the politicians to buy time will be through price inflation, to reduce the real burden of the debt, and whether they admit it or not, inflation is what they will be praying for....[and] the Federal Reserve will hear their prayer. When will the economy reach the wall toward which it is headed? Not soon, I believe, but in the meantime there will be plenty of excitement. [Let me explain what I expect to unfold.] Words: 1833

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Nothing Has Changed: The Smart Money is STILL Bullish on Gold

With continued strong investment demand for physical gold in the face of heightened macro uncertainty and unprecedented, globally-coordinated monetary stimulus and a US dollar that will continue its path lower, the best performing assets at present are gold, emerging market equities denominated in local currencies, and commodity related stocks. [Let me explain why that is the case.] Words: 560

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Goldrunner: Gold and Silver Mining Stocks Ready to Rip Higher

I am at a loss for words (something that rarely happens to me) as to why so many in the gold and silver sector have become so negative at this juncture in this Historic Precious Metals Bull Market. No doubt many have “2008-itis”, thinking that the Dow is going to crash [but my analyses of the PM market suggests that that is not going to be the case. Let me explain.] Words: 2497

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