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When Should You Sell Your Gold?

The question most often asked of gold bulls is, “At what price will you take your profits?” It is a question that betrays a lack of understanding about why anyone should [want to] own gold [in the first place]. Nevertheless, the simple answer must be, “When paper money stops losing its value”. This response should alert anyone who asks this question to the idea that owning fiat cash is the speculative position, not ownership of precious metals. [Let me explain.] Words: 1184

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Telling it Like It Is: Monetary Policy, the Federal Reserve, and the National Debt Problem

The budgetary and fiscal crisis right now has made many political issues far clearer in people's minds. The debt dilemma is a challenge and an opportunity to set America on a freer and potentially more prosperous track, if the reality of the situation is looked at foursquare in the eye. Otherwise, dangerous, destabilizing, and damaging monetary and fiscal times may be ahead. [Here is how I see the situation and how I would propose solving the inherent problems.] Words: 3518

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Slip Sliding Away: Signs Point to Ongoing Economic Decline in U.S.

Most economists see the latest Q1 GDP stumble as a blip, something we shouldn't worry about because the economy is still on track for recovery...[but] another way to look at it is that the economy is being harmed by monetary inflation and we are seeing massive distortions in the economy as a result of this intentional Fed policy - economic growth is stalling and industrial production, manufacturing, non-manufacturing, durable goods production, retail sales and employment is flattening-to-declining... I think this is the correct way of looking at things and, [as such,] Q1 is not a temporary blip on the road to recovery... [but another mile down the road to economic stagflation, price inflation, lower real estate prices, continuing high unemployment, a weaker dollar, higher taxes and more - much more! Let me explain.] Words: 2997

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Look! Gold’s Performance is NOT Related to the U.S. Dollar (+2K Views)

Investors of all stripes must now be aware both of the bull market in gold/silver and the bear market in the U.S. dollar. Despite all of the rhetoric, however, it seems that little is actually understood about how these two phenomena are actually connected. Ultimately, this connection (or lack thereof) has serious implications for both markets. [Let's examine the situation more closely.] Words: 778

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