Monday , 12 April 2021

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Correct These Investing “Habits” and Boost Your Long-Term Portfolio Growth

...Portfolio management is hard work. It's difficult picking out a set of positions that you can confidently hold for a number of years. Then, along the way, you run into issues of how to deal with positions getting too large, dealing with losers and overreacting (or not reacting enough) to news that is good or bad and what action to take. Awareness of these "habits" can be the first step in fixing, and hopefully rectifying, these problems to boost long-term wealth.

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Is Market Timing a Myth?

Invest assets in the market as soon as you are able. Yes, there will be ups and downs, but as long as the world economy continues to improve living standards, investors will be rewarded with compounding growth on their investments.

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You CAN Time the Market If You Know How! Here’s How

Much has been written that it is impossible to time the market - that a buy and hold approach is much more rewarding - but that is simply not the case. This article provides you with the knowledge and a great charting service (free) to do just that.All you need do then is set aside the time and make the effort to apply the disciplines learned.

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