Thursday , 15 April 2021

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What a Difference A Year Makes! Only 10 Pot Stocks Now Have $1B+ Mkt. Caps

In the volatile cannabis sector, a lot of things can change over the course of a year. At this current point in time, there are only 10 marijuana stocks with market caps over the $1 billion mark. We’ve put together the following list of the top 10 cannabis stocks with market caps above $1 billion CDN. The list is ranked in order of highest to lowest and all numbers are in CDN unless otherwise stated.

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Cannabis Central: These 8 “Pot” Stocks Trade On Both Major U.S. & Cdn. Exchanges – Check Them Out

These 8 stocks, by the fact that they are listed on major stock exchanges in both Canada and the U.S., are well placed to attract major institutional attention and the potential for major price appreciation as more investors get on board. It might serve new investors well to seriously consider these stocks instead of venturing into the much more volatile juniors in the space.

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