Saturday , 10 April 2021

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Gold & Gold Stocks: A Look At the Current Weakness & Future Expectations (+2K Views)

Nearly all markets except the dollar reacted rather badly to Ben Bernanke's news conference – even though it actually contained no news - Treasury yields soared, stocks were whacked, and so was gold. While the charts certainly don't look good in the short term, though, it should be pointed out though that investors with a longer time horizon probably won't make a big mistake by buying on weakness. That being said, however, in the short term all the tentative evidence that a bottoming process may be under way has by now been eradicated. Below are a number of charts illustrating the situation.

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November is the Month to Take Advantage of Gold’s Seasonality Trend – Here’s Why (2K Views)

For precious metals investors, understanding seasonality can help to determine when to buy and sell at optimal price points. Analysts often mention gold’s seasonality and refer to the “Summer doldrums” as a buying opportunity and the Winter months as the high season. To verify gold’s seasonality and identify opportunities to profit from the trends, I decided to update the data and charts that I had originally created a few years ago. [Take a look.] Words: 295

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Don’t Delay a Day Longer! NOW is the BEST Time To Purchase Gold (+2K Views)

What's the best time to buy gold on a seasonality basis? November! Over the past 40 years (basically since gold became legal for private ownership in the U.S.) November and December accounted for almost HALF of the year's gains for gold...If this year is anything at all like the previous 40, we'll see about 44% of the year's gains in November and December. That's huge. [That being said: Don't delay a day. NOW is the BEST time to purchase some gold.] Words: 700

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