Tuesday , 20 April 2021

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Take Note: Demise Of Gold Is the Wrong Call To Make

The pressure on gold prices has seen some analysts suggest that the Midas Metal has had its time in the sun and that the precious metal will stay out of favor but any investor with an understanding of how market cycles can quickly change will see that the predicted demise of gold would be the wrong call to make.

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What Do Current Low Interest Rates Mean For the Future Price of Gold? (+3K Views)

Investors commonly assume that rising interest rates adversely impact the gold price, and vise versa. They believe that a rising interest rate environment is indicative of a strong economy, which is supposed to drive investors out of gold and into the stock market. They further assume that investors will want to exchange their gold, which has no yield, for stocks and bonds, both of which have yields and generate income but this intuition is unfounded. Let me explain why that is the case ans why, as such, gold investors shouldn't fear rising interest rates.

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Is There a Direct Link Between Rising Inflation and a Rising Demand For Gold?

History clearly shows there is a direct link between inflation and gold demand. When inflation jumps, or even when inflation expectations rise, investors turn to gold in greater numbers. When gold demand rises, so does its price and you can guess what happens to gold stocks. Below is a look at the extent of consumer purchases after inflation (and in some cases hyperinflation) took off in a number of countries.

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Gold’s Long-term Bull Market Is Intact With Prices Expected to Surge – Here’s Why (+2K Views)

Gold prices have been trending higher in the last twelve years and might continue to do so over the next decade. This article is in defense of current gold prices from a money creation perspective. Further, this article completely rules out a bubble in gold. Hence, the expectation is that the long-term bull market for gold is intact and gold will surge higher over the next decade. Words: 914

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Campbell's Challenge: 'Think for Yourself' When Reading This Article on Gold!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the technical picture for gold has been rapidly deteriorating...and a look at the longer term charts makes it clear that we have just witnessed a head and shoulders formation that has dramatically failed. The chip shot on the downside for gold here is $1,500 [maybe even] $1,450. Bring a double dip scare for the economy into the picture, which I expect to see this summer, and $1,100 is a possibility. If you get a real stock market crash in 2013, as many analysts are predicting, and you’ll get another chance to buy at $750. [That being said,] long term, I still like gold and expect it to hit the old inflation adjusted high of $2,300 during the next hard asset buying binge - but remember also that long term, we are all dead. Words: 900

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