Thursday , 15 April 2021

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The Bottom Is In for Gold and Silver – Here Are the Reasons Why (+2K Views)

No one has a crystal ball and I certainly don’t claim to have one. [Nevertheless,] I strongly believe that the prices we see today in gold and silver will be looked back upon in the next few years as a great buying opportunity. The data I read and understand tells me the case for gold and silver is now a strong one...If you are conservative dollar cost average into a position for a long time now [otherwise] I am OK with a full allocation into gold and silver at this point in time...

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Will Gold & Silver Climb a Further 250% and 300% Respectively?

If gold and silver come anywhere close to mimicking the performance of the last great bull market of the 1970s, tremendous upside remains. From their 1971 lows to January 1980 highs, gold rose 2,333%, while silver advanced an incredible 3,646%. Were those gains applied to the 2001 lows for gold and silver we would see a peak price for gold of $6,227 per troy ounce and $160 ozt. for silver. Those prices would represent increases of 250% (from around $1,780 for gold today) and of 300% (from around $40 for silver today), respectively. [If you believe that the aforementioned is at all possible shouldn't you be buying all that you can at today's current prices?] Words: 1283

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How to "Play" a Parabolic Move in Silver (+2K Views)

In order to successfully identify bubbles and profit from them, one needs to know the tipping point at which a bubble [in this case a silver bubble] is unsustainable and begins to breakdown...This article focuses on just one of a myriad of factors that determine when a bubble may pop - momentum - and addresses what trading strategies may be suited to the situation. [Let me go on.] Words: 1475

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Why Gold is in a Bull Market and NOT a Bubble

When a bubble is in its “pre-pop” stage it has all the looks and emotions of a torrid bull market that many are fooled into thinking will go on indefinitely. [Is such the case given the recent strength in the price of gold?] Words: 796

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