Sunday , 11 April 2021

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The Many Benefits of Having a Bank Account in Hong Kong (+5K Views)

Hong Kong is an excellent place to bank. One of the best in the world, in my opinion. Why? Because the banks are strong, stable, innovative, and well-capitalized [and account holders] are free to choose what currency to accept (and save), whether HK dollars, US dollars, Chinese Yuan, gold, or anything else.

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Time to Sell the U.S. Dollar & Diversifying Into a Basket of Hard Currencies?

Stocks are up. Bonds are expensive. Dollar cash is unlikely to preserve purchasing power in an environment of negative real rates. Diversifying to a basket of hard currencies might help to mitigate some of the risks out there. It clearly adds currency risk but in an environment where there may not be such a thing as a risk free asset, it might be a risk worth pursuing...

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What the Aussie Dollar Says About Global Risk

Being a true contrarian investor isn’t just about investing in unloved sectors of the market or specific stocks. It’s also about conducting research and discovering indicators that the crowd doesn’t follow — indicators that can help give clues as to the next probable direction of risk assets. I’m always on the lookout for such indicators, and have compiled many of them over my years of trading and investing. [Here's just one that bares scrutiny. Take a look.] Words: 610

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