Wednesday , 14 April 2021

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The Active Vs Passive Debate: How Active Passive Investments Really Are

All index funds aren’t good just like all active funds aren’t bad and all index investors aren’t passive just like all non-index investors aren’t active. You can split hairs in the active versus passive debate but it’s worth understanding that you can’t judge a fund or investor by the way they label themselves.

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Don’t Be Passive! Active Portfolio Management Has Major Benefits

We understand the appeal of passive investing. It offers lower fees and simplicity and many investors are skeptical about the ability of active managers to consistently beat a benchmark...yet there’s also a lot of evidence supporting the benefits of an active approach. Today, we see many risks that are hard to avoid by hugging a benchmark—and opportunities that simply cannot be captured by going passive. While not every point is relevant to every investor, in every market, we can think of ten good reasons to stay active in equities today.

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